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Below are links to various articles, and sources of information of interest to pet owners. We have chosen useful sources. We do not accept any responsibility for the information presented. If you would like to exchange links please contact us.

take your pet
take your pet
For people who travel with their pets. This is a site that gives choices of pet friendly hotels. Join the group for $1.99. Also, there is a free newsletter with articles on pet news and hints to make your traveling with your pet easier.

    Pet Friendly Hotels
 This is a large inventory of pet friendly hotels, motels and accommodations in the United States. Pet Friendly Hotels work  with pet friendly properties to bring you the lowest negotiated rates guaranteed! Be sure to use the code listed on the home page.
profile information for small dog breeds You will find a simple and easy-to-understand profile for just about every small dog breed. The descriptions contain practical information. Backed by hours of research and experience the aim of the site is to provide an accurate breed profile that you can trust.
This site is a Virtual home for hundreds of thousands of adoptable pets from 13,127 adoption groups. Also, a source for information on the care and training of your pet.
magazine for holistic care and positive training A monthly magazine devoted to holistic care and positive training for your dog. Readers will find this magazine informative to raising pets in a positive way.
animal wellness magazine for dogs and cats Animal Wellness Magazine is the leading health and lifestyle magazine for pets. It is read by owners of both dogs and cats.

Pet Insurance

VPI Health Insurance for pets  VPI HEALTH INSURANCE


As part of the Nationwide Family of insurances, The VPI name has been changed to Nationwide. The pet division was established in 1982 and is available in all 50 states. It is one of the oldest pet insurances.

PetFirst is committed to providing pet insurance solutions that are easy to understand. PetFirst’s policies reimburse you based upon what you pay at the veterinarian – not what we think you should have paid. Reimbursements are usually paid within two weeks.

Pet Urns, Memorials

peternity for pet urns and memorials When our pets go over the Rainbow Bridge we want an appropriate memorial. Besides the ones offered on our site, this is another choice for memorials.
pet memorials and information A company which has pet memorials and information for our pets who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Other Sites and Products

Pet Dreams crate covers and bed beds This site specializes in cratewear, dog beds and pet bedding. Cratewear is a 3-piece set that fits pet crates while promoting the safety and comfort for your dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large dog crate. Cratewear will work for you! It comes in a variety of sizes, and in colors to match any home décor. Also, offerd are a variety of beds for all sizes of dogs -- sofa beds, travel pets and pet beds for your metal dog crate.